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How to check Storage Space on youar MAC OS X
Posted : 18-Jun-2015. Posted by: Mr.ADMIN. Read: 322

Do you own a MacBook and don’t know how to check storage space of you MAC OS X, then let me tell you that it’s pretty easy. There may be some kinds of different reasons that why you need to check the free space and the occupied space on your MAC OS. You might just want to know the stats of your Mac or how good it’s working and other things.

Whatever the reason is, the steps are the same. Follow the easy steps mentioned below to know the storage space of your MAC OS X.

Step1: First of all, click on Menu button on your Mac OS X.

Step2: After that, click on About this Mac.

Step3: Then click on the Storage tab.

Step4: Here you can see complete information about the storage space of your Mac.

Step5: Now you can check and remove all the unnecessary applications.

These were a few simple steps to follow to find the Storage space of your Mac. Here you can see all the installed things and uninstall the unwanted apps. Can see where all the data is stored, at which place more data is stored, where less data is stored and much more.

Hope you liked this quick tip to find the Storage space of your MAC OS X. If you liked this post, you might like posts on our website LHN. 

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