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How to Protect Google Chrome with secure browsing
Posted : 18-Jun-2015. Posted by: Mr.ADMIN. Read: 342

 These days, around everyone uses internet daily. And use different browsers to access the internet. Majority of people prefer Google Chrome because it’s fast, easy to use, secure and reliable. But people still doubt about how secure they are. They try different methods to become more secure.

To protect your account and other information, you need to protect your browser. To protect your browser from other people, you need to put a lock on it. This way, if anyone tries to access your web browser on which you are logged in at many places, your passwords are safe,etc , they woun’t be able to access your browser without a password which they don’t know.

Now you might not know how to add a lock on your web browser. Follow the steps below to add a lock to your Google Chrome and secure your data from others.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome.
  2. Download the Extension Simple Startup Password 
  3. Add this extension to your Chrome.
  4. After installation, it will ask you for a password.
  5. Type the password which you want and click save button.
  6. Close your Browser and open it again.

You are all set. Now whenever you will open your Chrome browser, it will ask you for a password. If you entered the correct password, it will open the browser otherwise not.

You just secured yourself and your data and passwords from other people like your friends or others who are trying to steal your data. If you like this article, you might also like other articles on

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