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How to Improve Typing Speed – 2015
Posted : 18-Jun-2015. Posted by: Mr.ADMIN. Read: 413

 Today, the majority of work is done using computers, to do these kinds of tasks, one must have a good typing speed. There are many ways by which you can improve your typing speed. Many websites help you to improve your typing speed by giving you something to type in a certain time period, like 1 minute and different challenges like this which in turn improves your typing speed.

Here are the Top 5 recommended websites that will help you to increase your typing speed.

This website provides many awesome ways by which you can improve your Typing speed. It has various competitions among different people. You can increase your speed in any language. This website gives you one minute to type what they display it then shows you your mistakes and also informs you of your typing speed.

This website is a good way to start with your typing practice but can also irritate you as it shows a lot of ads. This is a very popular website with more than 4 million tests per month.

This website is also a very nice place to learn the better typing online. But to access the courses on this website, you need to sign up. The signup is free of cost. You can expert your typing in many languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.

If you learn from this website, and succeed in learning, then you get a certificate from this website. This website has many different types of games that help to increase the typing speed.

Everyone wants to type faster and faster while chatting and this website uses this method to increase your typing speed. It helps you to compete with your friends and others and compete with typing speeds.

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