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Kindle Fire HD បានបង្ហាញខ្លួន ជាមួយអេក្រង់ 7″ & 8.9″ HD Display, 16GB, $199 & $299
Posted : 07-Sep-2012. Posted by: Mr.ADMIN. Read: 392

 Kindle Fire HD បានបង្ហាញខ្លួន ជាមួយអេក្រង់ 7″ & 8.9″ HD Display, 16GB, $199 & $299

Amazon បានបង្ហាញខ្ឡួនចំនួន បី ម៉ូដែលគឺ Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16GB, 8.9″ 16GB and 8.9″ 32GB. ចំពោះ 32GB version មានភ្ជាប់មកជាមួយបច្ចេកវិទ្យា 4G LTE wireless support ជាមួយនឹងតំលៃ $49.99 ក្នុង១ឆ្នាំ។ 

ខាងក្រោមនេះគឺទំហំ Spec របស់ Amazon ទាំងបីប្រភេទ

Kindle Fire HD Specs
8.9-inch, 1920 x 1200 display at 254 ppi
8.8mm thick
weighs 20 ounces
OMAP 4470 processor
Front facing HD camera
Dolby Digital Plus Stereo speakers
5GHz/2.4GHz dual band wifi, with two antennae
HDMI out
Forked (Customized) Android 4.0 OS

មុខងារពិសេសរបស់  Kindle Fire HD

1. Dolby Digital Plus 

Amazon has integrated dual stereo speakers from Dolby Digital Plus

2. Faster WiFi 

Amazon claims that WiFi on Kindle Fire HD is almost 41% faster than iPad 3 & 54% faster than Nexus 7. This is because, the tablet comes with dual band (2.4GHz/5GHz) and dual antennae

3. Audiobooks & Whispersync for voice 

Kindle Fire HD comes with 100,000 audiobooks from Audible. Whispersync for voice syncs your book with your audiobook, so you can listen and read in tandem. That’s a big win for readers.

4. Whispersync for games

 you would never need to start over a game just because you had to update or reinstall it. All your unlocked levels now gets stored!

Kindle Fire HD – តំលៃ និង ពេលវេលាដែលអាចជាវបាន

 Kindle Fire HD will come in two versions – 7″ and 8.9″. Rest of the specs remain same. 7″ Kindle Fire HD will cost $199. Users can order starting today and it will ship on September 14th. The 8.9″ version will cost $299. It can also be ordered starting today and will ship on November 20th.



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